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images/gofpic155.jpg As you may have read, Goffy originally ran his promotions business dealing with many big name celebrities from all areas of sport and showbusiness.

Then while enjoying success as a radio presenter, Paul developed his marketing and promotion skills to successfully promote himself, effectively creating the Goffy brand.

He then decided to combine all this experience and offer these skills to other companies and organisations, and so Goffy Media was born.

Although we are based in the North East, we regularly deal with clients all over the country, as well as getting involved with events in other areas.

Goffy has a team of people with a wide range of expertise, so that we can supply a complete service, whether booking celebrities or advertising, providing a PA system or photographers, or recording and editing studio interviews.

However, when you are planning ANY kind of event, you will be dealing with the main man. Goffy likes to provide a very personal service, and so likes to be involved in any project from the very beginning.

Coming up with the right marketing campaign for your organisation is the key to success, and it may often involve a combination of advertising, publicity, promotions and sponsorship.

images/gofpic156.jpg This is where Goffy and his team can advise you the best way to proceed, depending on your product and your budget. No matter how big or small, we can come up with a solution for you !

And remember, we have an enormous range of contacts throughout different parts of the media, as well as with the biggest names from showbusiness and the world of sport.

Advice is free !  So no matter what kind of event or product you need help with, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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