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images/gofpic037.jpg As more and more people are expected to make presentations or conduct press interviews these days, we can offer a wide range of media training or speech coaching that could prove invaluable.

We can arrange sessions specially tailored to your requirements.

Goffy and his team can train your staff to engage the ever evolving media effectively.
We will help your people appear confidently on radio, television and at press conferences.

We can help improve your staff's delivery of presentations, whether in front of a small group or at a large conference. Voice training, microphone skills, presentation skills, television techniques, script preparation, and much more.

These training sessions can be in small groups, or on a one-to-one basis.

Staff often find these sessions great fun, and can be viewed as a team-building experience as well as delivering the skills benefits. We can even arrange a visit to a radio or television studio as part of the media training package.


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