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Here are a few of the articles featuring Goffy that we got published in the press

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North East Life Article
Here is a look at the life of Paul 'Goffy' Gough, as featured in a recent North East Life. The article looks at Goffy's life, his history and work!


Goffy comments on Radio 2 antics
This clip from the Evening Chronicle was when Goffy commented on the controversy surrounding Johnathan Ross and Russel Brand's antics on Radio 2.


Goffy on Chris Evans    
Goffy gave his opinion on Chris Evans taking over Terry Wogan's radio show when he hung up his microphone.



Goffy recalls Cheryl Cole rant    
With Cheryl Cole enjoying fame as an X Factor judge, Goffy recalls her getting irate on his radio show ! This was the Evening Chronicle's front page story - read the article from page 3.


Goffy's Wind Ups    
This is  a clip with Goffy publicising the release of his 4th Wind-Ups CD.   He's pictured with a couple of his victims of wind-ups on the radio.


Paul Gascoigne 1
As Paul Gascoigne faces tough times, Goffy writes an articles for the Gazette asking people to remember Gazza as he was.


Paul Gascoigne 2
A similar article by Goffy about Gazza in the Evening Chronicle.


Paul Gascoigne 3
Another article in the Evening Chronicle by Goffy about his troubled pal.


Goffy visits college 1
An article about Goffy giving a Master Class to students at South Tyneside College.


Goffy visits college 2
Another article about Goffy's visit to South Tyneside College.


Goffy Media Profile
This is an article in Business Enterprise Magazine about the company.


Goffy hangs up his microphone
An article in the Sunday Sun when Paul first launched Goffy Media


Alan Shearer Campaign 1
This article in the Evening Chronicle is about Goffy's campaign on Metro Radio to stop Alan Shearer from hanging up his boots at Newcastle United.


Alan Shearer Campaign 2
More press coverage about this successful campaign, this time in the Sunday Sun.


Goffy joins Metro Radio
An article in the Sunday Sun when Paul joined Metro Radio


Goffy leaves Century FM
An article in the Sunday Sun when Paul left Century FM


Goffy's 10,000 Joke
This piece in the Evening Gazette features the winner of Goffy's 10,000 Joke competition on Century FM.


Tony Blair likes Goffy's Joke Book
Prime Minister Tony Blair supports Goffy's Joke Book, being sold to raise money for a local charity - this article in the Evening Gazette.


Search for Goffy's co-star
After Goffy's successful TV commercial for a carpet company, this article in the Evening Chronicle was to try and trace the actress who appeared with him to make a sequel.


Goffy's Newspaper Column
This front page piece from the Sunday Sun when Paul started writing his regular weekly column for the North East's regional Sunday paper.


Goffy helps Hannah
Goffy donates 1,000 to help pay for an operation for 4 year-old Hannah Maxwell-Jones, as in this piece in the Evening Gazette.


Goffy nominated for award
This piece in the Evening Gazette was about Goffy being nominated for a Radio Award.



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